GAIA Agricultural Products company profile…

We are a family-owned and operated company that has been producing and selling premium quality olive oil for over 50 years. Our passion for olive oil started with our grandfather, who planted his first olive trees in the Mediterranean region and learned the art of making olive oil from his ancestors.

What We do

With respect, loyalty and expertise in production developed over many generations we provide our consumers with products of high quality and with great nutritional value which are based on extra virgin olive oil.

How We do it

We grow our products according to traditional techniques, strict guidelines and practice sustainable farming and we are one of the few companies in Peloponnese to have a vertically integrated production unit as well as a traceability system for its products which are checked in every step of the process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring healthy, high-quality olive oil to consumers around the world, while promoting sustainable production practices and educating our customers about the health benefits of olive oil. We use only organic olives that are hand-picked and cold-pressed within hours of harvest, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. We offer a range of products, from extra virgin to flavored olive oils, that suit different tastes and purposes.

We are proud of our heritage and our commitment to excellence

We invite you to join us on our journey of discovering the wonders of our bio agricultural products.

The traditional way of harvesting olives is to shake the tree

The first important step is to collect the olives from the tree. However, if no net is used to catch the olives before they hit the ground, this process can result in bruised olives the crushing of which produces a lower-quality oil.

Our Values


Commitment to offer products of exellent origins


Long lasting collaboration with producers


Continuous introduction of new ideas


Passion and restlessness to serve our costumers in the best way


Enviromentally friendly manufacturing process

Our Philosophy